FM60 Smoke Hood Family Pack


Keep your family safe with one of Firemask UK’s FM60 Family Packs, consisting of 4 FM60 smoke hoods, ideal for hanging on the wall in your children’s bedrooms or placing in an easily-accessible drawer or cupboard.

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The Firemask FM60 Smoke Hood Family Pack consists of 4 FM60 Smoke Hoods, and saves you over 10%!

You can sleep easy knowing that your family members have a smoke hood in an easily accessible place should a fire break out. Simply put on your mask and make your way out of the building, safe in the knowledge you have 60 minutes of filtered, breathable air.

The plastic case in which the vacuum-packed smoke hoods come has a hole at the back to allow them to be hung on a wall in a suitable place should they be needed in an emergency. These innovative hoods can be used by children as young as 3 and fit snuggly around the neck with an elasticated band to minimise the amount of smoke entering.

Please note that due to the properties of the filter our smoke hoods utilize, they have a limited shelf life. Our current stock of FM60 smoke hoods have an expiry date of 1/1/2023.

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