RPD60 Smoke Hood & Gloves


All the benefits of the incredible FM60 Smoke Hood, but also includes a pair of heat-resistant Fire Gloves to enable you to open doors on your exit out of the building without the fear of burning your hands.

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Our FM60 smoke hood is great – it provides 60 minutes of breathable air in the event of a fire to enable wearers to escape from a fire and not be overcome by the toxic gases and smoke that are the real threat in such situations. However, the RPD60 set adds another level of protection by including a pair of heat-resistant Fire Gloves – meaning your exit from a burning building is made even more achievable.

If the worst should happen and you find yourself in the middle of a smoke-filled room caused by a fire, you can first put on your FM60 – a smoke hood so good it can resist the heat of the fire and allow you to breathe filtered air for up to an hour. Next, put on the Fire Gloves – you are all set to escape this terrifying situation and your hands will not be burned when using metal door handles or hand rails on stairs.

The RPD60 Smoke Hood and Gloves set comes in a handy, travel-sized zip-up case, making it ideal to keep in your car, work drawer, or even hanging somewhere easily reachable should you require it.

Please note that the smoke hood has a shelf-life of 5 years from date of manufacture and our current stock of RPD60 smoke hoods expire on 1/1/2023.


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