Fire Safety: Escape with a Ladder

Our homes are our place of safety, the area of comfort and familiarity where we rest after a long day at work or kiss our children a good night before bed. But what happens when our home becomes our worst nightmare and a significant fire breaks out? Hopefully, you will never have to face this, but what would you do if you did? In the UK, there were 243 fire fatalities and 6,910 non-fatal casualties from 2019-2020 (according to Government Read More

Different types of fire extinguishers

Fire Safety in the Home: Fire Extinguishers

Are you prepared in case of a fire? Do you have any fire safety equipment in your home?  An increasing number of us working from home, plugging in computers and lamps to extension leads. These questions and more need to be thought about with some care if you and your loved ones are to be given all the help you need if the worst does happen. Searching out the best fire smoke mask or other fire safety equipment such as Read More

The First Great Fire of London: What is the take-home message?

There are so many unfortunate and unnecessary victims of fires, so why is this? Fires, we can and should personally learn from, and ensure that we take all necessary precautions in our own lives. Precautions such as having an evacuation route planned, working smoke alarms in place, and having an emergency fire mask are all great ways to help save lives. The greatest fire in London is a perfect example of not learning from such a tragic event.   At some Read More

Fire Safety: How Masking-Up for Vital Oxygen Saves Lives

Are you prepared in case of a fire at your home? Do you have a fire escape plan in place with the best fire safety equipment such as oxygen masks and gloves at the ready? If the answer is no then the time is now to get yourself and your family in the know and plan for the worst, that way you will know that you have done everything you can to help you and your family’s chance of survival Read More